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Measurements for the Regenyei Jian Feder

Measurements for the Regenyei Jian Feder

Saturday 27 April 2019, by Mattias Nyrell

These are the measurements we used for the final design of the Regenyei Jian Feder in 2016. The design is mainly based on the Royal Peony from Huanou, but we had to change the guard. The guard and pommel (in variant 1) is based on an antique militia jian owned by Peter Dekker. The pommel in variant 2 is from the Royal Peony. During development of this jian feder we created two prototypes to get the handling just right.

This model is now available as a standard model on Regenyei’s website:

Note that some details have been changed since then, most notably the point of balance (PoB) have been moved closer to the guard, and the measurements given (12 cm) is measured from where the guard meets the blade instead of from where the guard meets the grip which is the normal way to specify the PoB of a jian as the guard can vary in size from about 1.5 cm to 6 cm. The guard on this model is about 1.5 cm which means that the PoB is about 13.5 cm on the standard model offered on Regenyei’s website.

If you order this sword I recommend that you specify that you want the PoB moved to around 14.5-15cm as in our design. This really improves the handling and makes it more historically correct.

Another change is that only the pommel of "variant 2" from our design is available as standard. I think this is a good design decision even though both the pommel and the grip of "variant 1" is taken from an old militia jian. The problem with the variant 1 pommel is that it is square where it meets the grip, and this forces the grip to be of a single size which is also quite thick. The variant 2 pommel makes it much easier to change the grip thickness.

The design

As SVG (for editing):

Photos of our first batch of 13 swords

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