Jian Measurements

These are some measurements I have done on three of my jians. I have published them here for easy reference, and hopefully they can be of use for other people also.

The swords

The first sword is the monosteel version of "The Royal Peony" from Huanou. It is a sharp sword and great for test cutting and solo practice. See Sevenstars Trading Co for more information.

The second sword is a wooden sword made by Raivo Paltser from Estonia. It is designed to be used in semi- to full contact sword sparring and so far it has survived a lot of abuse during many years. To protect it I add another layer of duct tape from time to time, which has increased it’s weight from 700 g to close top 800 g. I should also mention that the sword is designed to behave as close as possible to a real jian, with realistic weight and correct balance. I think it handles very similar to "The Royal Peony" so it is a good design to copy if someone want to make their own sword. Note: The grip has been made a bit longer than what is normal for a jian to increase the weight.

The third sword is a blunt sword made by ???. This sword is not balanced correctly for cutting, so it is not really a good example of a jian. However it is the only blunt jian I have so it has seen quite some use anyway. It is quite sturdy and able to take lots of abuse. Since the metal is quite soft it tend to bend a bit if abused too much and the "edge" get lots of burrs, but it is easy to fix up and at least it doesn’t break, so that is something! :-)

The measurements

The measurements are also available in vector format as SVG:

Close-up on the guard and handle of the Royal Peony